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    Decided to quickly finish this old thing during livestream. Based on one of my absolute favorite Frozen fanfics!

    Ahh, it’s done! Holy shit! God, this is truly gorgeous, and I feel like I could stare at it for hours. It’s so menacing, such a fitting end for our villain. Look at all the little details.

  2. pr1nceshawn:

    The UNfappening - Redressing famous stolen

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    .:Casual Male Fashion Blog:. (
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  4. iluvfanazzi:

    My RE6 art book just came in!!! so here’s a (hastily) photographed set of early concept art for each playable campaign character (bar Ada Wong).

    Be sure to view, right click and Open Image in New Tab for a closer look.

    Since it’s not showing in the tag, here’s a link to Piers Cannon (aka mutant arm Piers) arts

  5. lotsofdisney:

    Very early 2012 footage from ‘Frozen’; with Anna’s poofball hat and unbraided hair, Kristoff’s long coat and alt. hat and featuring “Evil Elsa”.

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  6. olololkitty:

    Amazing artwork by ∈∋

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    sparring and then not sparring

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