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    Angel by Chris Slabber / Inspired by the works of Alberto Seveso.

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    Batman v superman : Dawn of Justice

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    #HenryCavill cumpliendo el reto #IceBucketChallenge via CavillFan.Net

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    Saturday was Justin’s and my 10th(!) wedding anniversary. We had discussed throwing a party, having a “real” wedding, since there was nobody but the preacher at our original wedding, but J posited that instead of a party that neither of us would enjoy to the fullest, since we’re not really partygoers (or throwers), we could spend the money on getting our kitchen redone. Neither of us thought to take “before” pictures, but lemme tell you, it was a pretty easy call for me to make. Our old cabinets were gross and literally falling off the hinges, the old white enamel sink was irreparably stained, and so were the countertops. Plus, there was a very sad wallpaper border featuring baskets of fruit that we hated from the get-go.

    So on top of the gorgeous new cabinets, quartz countertops and steel sink (big enough for a tiny tub), J bought me a DISHWASHER, the absence of which I did not fully appreciate until I had to hand-scrub the dishes from a seven-person Thanksgiving dinner. I know it’s a very privileged thing to want and have, but I am super excited about being able to sanitize baby bottles and stuff.

    I thought I’d share our living room, too, which is looking really nice after a year of putzing and using busted folding side-tables to put our lamps on. It still needs a rug and something to go in the naked corner, like a big paper lamp. But it’s coming together. I like that I can finally put out some of my books.

    Next up is the baby’s room. That’s gonna be fun. :) I have a massive collection of children’s books, and I can’t wait to read them to my future Adventure Boy.

    Ten years is such a grand number, but it sort of skated happily by in the face of much grander things on deck. I just feel very lucky to have met Justin. He’s still my best friend, still makes me roll my eyes and groan at lame jokes, he still goes on adventures with me, still makes me go, God damn, that man is handsome. Still wants to play board games with me, still tells me I’m beautiful, still worries about me, still cooks for me and together with me. Still gets excited about showing me something new. He’s still the only one I want. Love of my life.

  5. Your worst enemy can be who you less imagine, who you most love.

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  6. we’re all been hurt in our lives, somebody has betrayed us and has brought us to put our walls up and it makes us furious, and it changes who we are. We all have that experience, in all different levels.


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    BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE fan-made painted poster.
    Created by Lius Lasahido

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